Monday, July 21, 2014

Today I Am Sad...

So, today my friend finished her abortion.  My friend is such a lovely person.  She is someone I respect, admire and love.  Still do.  But, today she completed an abortion and it hurts my heart. 

As a mommy of 5 kids, one of whom is adopted, I struggle knowing that abortion exists.  I struggle because so many women wait, for years, with the hope that one day they can become moms.  The coveted title revered for only the most fertile ladies of the land.  It's even more surprising that the number of people waiting patiently for a little one to love is the exact same number of abortions that occur every year.  Let that irony sink in. 

Abortion has followed me my whole life and has been one of those issues that I almost can't even discuss with humility, patience or kindness.  It literally boggles my mind why it exists and it hurts my soul to think of the millions of little people that are murdered every year out of necessity to continue a self centered existence that our society admires and sells us. 

Society is a great pimp.  One of the best.  It packages abortion as a shiny solution to that dead beat dad that disrespects your body and uses you like a toy.  It is gloriously convenient and anonymous.  Like ordering a stripper off the internet... no strings, a quick exchange of cash and a simple procedure with very little physical after effects.  It sells the efficiency of the sterile procedure while quietly pushing aside the true definition of what is happening. 

Society has given you glossy little doctors with paper diplomas to tell you on TV how easy it is to rid yourself of a life changing mistake.  Dr. Laura talks about sex as if it is a game with winners and losers.  She gives you pointers on how to use the morning after pill, completely eliminating the human aspect of this decision to end life.  IT IS A PILL THAT ENDS A LIFE THAT HAS JUST TAKEN ROOT.  Dr. Drew is a bit more fancy and uses bigger words and more condescension to help these poor souls with an inability to develop self control.  He has even wrapped up this mindless cluster &*%@ by giving you a convenient website to find places where you can get unprescribed, over the counter abortion pills to get rid of the one night mistake that one day could be a little world changer.  He absolves you from any responsibility and commends your decision to live your life.  He conveniently and intelligently dismisses your baby with medical, sterile terms so that you see this tiny peanut as a weird, ugly tadpole with no human features. 

The best bit of propaganda was given to my friend today and because I love her so much, I can't yet correct it.  But, I will for my readers today.  She was 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and went in for "the procedure" {God forbid we call it like it is}.  When she got there, the "doctors" made the decision that she would not have to have the "surgical procedure", instead she would be given a pill.  This pill would dislodge the baby, effectively removing all sustaining life from him/her.  She would then take another pill 48 hours later to create a "miscarriage".  Let's sit with that for a minute.  A "miscarriage".

It is a grievous insult to every woman who has suffered a miscarriage to label an ABORTION as a miscarriage.  At no point in the procedure is her body betraying her naturally.  At no point is she losing a child that was wanted and loved from the start.  At no point is her body destroying a non viable baby.  She is taking a pill to rid herself of a healthy baby that her body, with the help of a loser sperm donor, created.  This is CLEARLY not a miscarriage.  It is a voluntary termination of life.  It is a decision made by the mother and helped by prescription drug dealers to dissolve a life that was created.  This is NOT a miscarriage. 

I was shocked that society has again trumped intelligence and sold women this load of bull.  It is just one more way this pimp has desensitized us to our actions.  If we call it a zygote, its not a baby.  If we put an abortion in a pill, its not an abortion.  If we take the morning after pill, we are only destroying cells.  If we call it a miscarriage, it is not an abortion.  Abortion clinics and their medical "professionals" again and again treat women as dumb little whores who know no better.  We put up with it.  We stand behind their convenient slogan "My body, my choice" yet we are fed lies by the powers that be.  We slop it up so we can continue our selfish existence.... living only for ourselves with no true consequences for our actions and once again absolving every male of any accountability or responsibility.

I am opinionated because I have been there.  I have experienced the struggle.  My oldest son was conceived while I was 19 and dating my husband.  I am Irish Catholic.  I was always told not to come home if I was pregnant.  I had every reason to abort my son.  I was 19 and could sign my own consent.  I had a job and could easily pay the fee for the procedure.  No one would know.  My scarlet letter "mistake" would be easily erased...he was only a zygote they told me.   He had no face, no hands, no feet, no genitalae... he kind of looked like a creepy seahorse.  Society had me by the balls.  It kind of made sense.

But, I did not have an abortion.  I sucked it up, accepted responsibility and carried my little boy for 9 months.  I was ridiculed, treated badly by family and strangers.  I worked 40 plus hours while pregnant in preparation for his birth.  I was not given a baby shower by my mom.   I had to wait until he was born because the shame of it would have destroyed my parents.  My dad hated my fiancé and could barely talk to me during this time.  I had family members counseling me on giving my baby up for adoption so my life wouldn't be ruined.  I was surrounded by haters.  I was married at 9 months pregnant and was as big as a house and hideous on the most anticipated day of my life. 

It wasn't easy.  But, 9 months later, I held my baby boy and knew I made the right choice.  I never regretted it.  The days I felt him move were little reminders of what I was choosing.  I won't lie, I had an amazing fiancé/husband who reminded me daily that this was not a tragedy.  A man that took responsibility and worked overtime hours, found another job with better insurance and got us a little apartment.  That made it easier.  Although I felt alone, I had him and we were creating a life for ourselves. 

My journey with abortion does not end there.  My little boy, who we adopted 2 years ago, by all definitions, should have been an abortion.  He was conceived by an alleged date rape, his mom was only 16 and her life was definitely in upheaval.  Thank God she chose life.  Thank God she had the courage and did not listen to the worthless propaganda people give you regarding the decision to abort.  Thank God she chose to have her baby... our son.  Both of my boys are CONSTANT reminders why abortion is a disgusting lie sold to the highest bidder.  Abortions literally snatch the most glorious members of humanity off the face of the earth.... for convenience, for fear, for birth control, for ease.

So, today my friend finished her abortion.  My friend is such a lovely person.  She is someone I respect, admire and love.  Still do.  But, today she completed an abortion and it hurts my heart.  She was tricked by society, by her "friends", by her "family" and by "medical professionals".  She was duped and all I could do was  Her baby would have been beautiful.  She would have been an awesome mom.  They robbed that from her.  That makes me sad. 


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