Monday, January 23, 2017

The Truth About the March For Women

*Buckle up buttercups, this one is not for the faint of heart.  The following rant is rated PG-13.  Please proceed with caution.

This one is definitely going to strike some nerves and probably piss some people off, but I just have to.  Mostly for my daughters.  My daughters who deserve better than what was shown over this weekend.  My daughters who will be raised to be super strong feminist just like me.  The daughters I pray will never walk in a parade wearing a vagina hat, screaming about the unfairness of their very privileged lives.  Women who will know what it truly means to be a feminist.

Here's a couple facts about the March for Women that really got me in all the feels...

1. This march was mostly funded by George Soros.  George Soros is one of the richest men in our country.  He has helped create and believes in population control... just like China.  He is one of the biggest contributors to Hilary Clinton's Campaign.  He is the third largest contributor of Planned Parenthood, donating close to 20 million dollars.  One of his most recent donations to Planned Parenthood was 1.5 million dollars to create damage control after the Planned Parenthood videos were leaked accusing the organization of the following: selling baby body parts to the highest bidder and helping cover up the sex trafficking of minors.  50 of Soros' business partners fully funded this march.  They donated a total of over 90 million dollars to the march.  But, this march had nothing to do with abortion- insert heavy sarcasm.

2. Pro Life groups were not allowed to participate.  Many pro life organizations petitioned to be a part of the march and were denied.  The reason they were given?   If you are ProLife you are not Pro Women {AMP}.  I disagree wholeheartedly.  Abortion hurts the woman undergoing the procedure and stops a beating heart of a human being.  You can only assume half of which are women.  What would these women become if they had a chance at life?  Perhaps the first female president?  The scientist who could discover the cure for cancer?  Or maybe, just a simple, kind woman changing the lives of those she meets.  Not to mention, that so many women undergo abortions because they will not be supported by the father.  The father that society lets off the hook.  Society that tells men to have zero self control and use women for the sexual objects that they are.  To ProLife women, this is unacceptable.  How is this not feminism at its core?  How were these feminists not allowed to be a voice at this March for ALL women... except the one we disagree with.

3. Half a million women attended.  500,000.  That is a crap ton of women.  I will readily admit and even silently cheer, that so many women were privileged enough to stop what they were doing and march in the streets.  This march FILLED our media networks with non stop coverage.  I never saw so many badly drawn penis posters or really grotesque vagina hats in my life.  It was a pink parade of women all marching in unity, never before seen in our country.  Oh wait, it is seen.  Every year around this time.  When 650,000 people attend {Wikipedia} the March for Life.  The march that demands that babies be given the right to life.  You probably have no idea this many people attend this march annually. That is because it is not on news networks.  You know, news networks with men as the CEO's who control content and messaging?  Isn't that ironic?  If you don't believe me and think I am just a crazy prolifer... check out the coverage this weekend.  This weekend is supposed to be the largest Right to Life march in history.  Let's see how much time the media gives to this.

4. Lastly and most importantly, there was NO POINT.  Watching the coverage you couldn't discern if the march was about wages, planned parenthood, legal abortion, healthcare, homosexuality or "pussies".  It was a lot of privileged women complaining about a lot of things.  There was no call to action for any of these items.  Meanwhile, around the world, real hardship occurs for women.  Female mutilation, no access to clean drinking water, poverty that makes ours seem hilarious in comparison, hunger of women who are raising children destined to die, women living in war torn cities holding their dead babies while our country stands by with fancy vagina signs.  Do you know how gross this lack of humanity is?  In this country we have the right to march against a man that uses offensive language years before he even ran for government... meanwhile in the real world, a woman is being stoned to death for having sex outside of marriage.  How out of touch are the feminists in this country?   George Soros and his minions could have spent 25% of the money for the march on providing clean drinking water for numerous villages.  20 million dollars would go a LONG way.  Could you imagine what 90 million dollars could have done for the global community of women we were supposedly using our voices for?  You literally accomplished nothing.  NOTHING.  You were 500k women throwing the biggest temper tantrum ever recorded in the world. 

Now, let's talk about what the march was really about.  What that 90 million dollars was really about.  It was to protest our Pussy Grabbing President.  First, whether you voted for him or not, he is our president.  He has appeared on The Howard Stern show more than 24 times.  With a listening audience of 20 million.  He has created reality shows, performed on Monday night RAW, made inappropriate comments about his daughter, got caught talking about grabbing a women's pussy and has been accused of sexual assault.  And yet, he is still our president.  The only question we should all be asking and marching about is ... how did this happen?  How can such a gross man become the leader of the free world.  My answer... take a good long look in the mirror.

Here are some facts to think about...

1. The United States is the top producer of pornographic DVD's and web material.  Every 39 minutes a new porn film is created in the United States.

2. Most men watch or have watched porn.  The University of Montreal tried conducting a study on porn and when trying to make a control group of men who have not watched porn they could not find one.  20% of American men say they have watched pornography while at work

3. 88.2% of top rated porn scenes show aggressive acts and 70% of these are perpetrated by men.

4. A Google trends analysis found that searches for "teen porn" has tripled since 2013.  Let that sink in. Underage children performing sex acts for adults pleasure.

5. Amy Schumer was the first person on cable to champion the word pussy being used.  It is now a commonly accepted way to describe the female anatomy.

6. 125 million copies of "50 Shades of Grey" has been sold worldwide. This book focuses on the relationship between Christian and Ana.  A relationship about male dominance in and out of the bedroom.  He has her sign a contract giving him permission to do whatever he wants to her while he pacifies her with money, travel and extravagance.  It was on the bestseller list for 16 weeks.  And the movie version grossed over $571 million in box office. 

What do these facts have to do with our president?  We created this monster.  The cream always rises to the top.  We have elected a man who epitomizes these things that are so important to our country.  And, while priveleged, mostly white, women were protesting this orange disaster of a president, women around the country were being degraded and sold to the highest bidder.  And, we are cool with it.  We just don't want our president to reflect our sexual skeletons in the closet.  Am I outraged that a man like Trump could win the presidency?  Yes.  Am I surprised or shocked?  No. 

His competition was a woman that has been investigated for felonies numerous times in her life.  She is married to the most misogynistic man to ever hold the office of president.  She herself "slut" shamed all of his victims and helped to make them obsolete.  She virtually used her power to silence rape victims.  And yet, feminists everywhere hold her on a pedestal as an activist.  This was Trump's only competition.  Why didn't we march against that hypocrisy?

We have a lot to reflect on as women.  We all know that deep down, women control the world.  In so many seen and unseen ways.  If we believe this to be true- and I do- how did we let this happen?  Things have to change.  We need to demand that our little girls are not subjected to this world we created.  We need to stop consuming media that sells us misogyny and male dominance.  We need to demand that the porn industry take accountability in the rape culture it creates.  We need to raise little boys that will become great men who will hold women on pedestals.  Most importantly, we need to actively respond to women who are suffering around the world... through donations, awareness and humanitarian relief.

The most important way we can do this is by demanding first, that our country respects life.  Respects, values and takes care of ALL lives.  From womb to tomb.  Yes, this includes illegal immigrants, homeless drug addicts, the prostitute AND the pimp.  But, most importantly, the very least of us.  If we started respecting life from the very MOMENT of conception to the very MOMENT of death, could you imagine the revolution that would occur in this nation?  As women... as feminists... we hold the power to bring compassion and mercy to every one of God's creatures.  If we lead the revolution, the men will follow.  It begins here.  It begins with us and it should begin right now.

If you agree, share my message.  Help start the revolution by calling out this march for what it was, a nice attempt that failed at action.  If you disagree, respectfully give me your thoughts.  And know, that no matter your views, I respect you.