Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Year... Another Set of Promises

So, I got this list of 40 goals to complete by 40. I wanted to share the ones I am going to complete this year...

1. Lose 40 lbs by 40- this will be my toughest, least fun but most satisfying goal
2. Eat Lobster- not good considering this follows goal #1
3. Sell a piece of artwork- doesn't matter the price. Just that someone buys it... I will be an official artiste
4. Have a photography day on my own-the key is on my own. Why is it when we become moms it becomes very difficult to do this? Not because of our children because of our own weird hangups and fears?
5. Ride a tandem bike with Shawn- I mean, seriously? This would be a riot!

Besides this delightful acts of awesomeness, I have committed to my new best friend Dave Ramsey, to work on being debt free. The idea that money will no longer own me, shackles me or shame me is very exciting. I expect some failure and some hiccups but I also expect success.

This year as usual, I have vowed to be a better wife and mother. 2011 will be a year that I look back on with a lot of regret and sadness. I want to work harder to be happier so I can be a better version of myself. I also want to focus more on making my family proud of me instead of strangers. I need a good atta girl from the ones closest to me. It means a lot to be successful at your job and with others but if the people in your home don't view you as the most influential person in their life, you got it messed up.

As you can see, I got a lot to be working on. I like the feeling the new year gives you. A kind of "I will show you!" mentality that you wear with honor and pride. The armor is often too heavy to carry after awhile but, not me. It's on like donkey Kong!

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