Monday, October 17, 2011

My new church...

So, we joined a new parish. We now belong to St. Lukes in Nicholasville. Yes, folks, Nicholasville. There are at least 6 Catholic churches in Lexington but I will gladly travel the distance weekly to enjoy the following:

1. Confession and Rosary offered before every mass. Have you ever been inside a small, old church and heard the Our Father gently echo? There is no more soothing a sound. Have you ever seen a family with 4 children pray together while kneeling before the blessed sacrament? There is no better view

2. Sending my children to REAL catholic education. By the way, to all my pessimistic catholic parents out there, it is possible to find true doctrine and have your child enjoy it. This week in one hour they learned and could tell me the definition. Of temperance, virtue and a few NEW facts about one of our favorite saints (st. Joseph). Shawnie even came home excited for his assignment of logging how many times he complained. What a huge relief to have my children learning their faith.

3. My new, sassy, true dat priest who routinely covers the readings in a REAL way while having a bit of the fire and brimstone that keeps me on my toes during the week. This week he defined the 10 commandments while referencing current trends that fall under each commandment. Also, EVERY week he takes on our Catholic politicians that vote pro choice. You can say he's a black and white kind of guy. There is no gray. What's right is right and there's no room for error.

4. There are at least 6 altar boys every week. They ring the bells and all wear the long white robes. They are taught to be quiet and respectful. Most notably, they are proud to be servers.

5. Lastly, but not lastly, there is no cry room. Which means the parents have to make it a priority for their children to listen respectfully to the mass. However, the church is full of big families. You actually receive smiles when a big family with lots of little ones sit in your pew. Oh, and everyone sits shoulder to shoulder. I mean, its a packed house people! Our family almost takes up a whole pew, I say with Catholic pride!

These are just five quick reasons. I am so happy God led me to this church and I feel spiritually stronger each week being there. I sincerely hope that each of you have found a spiritual home. No matter what ways we get there, its the getting there that counts. For me, the above mentioned reasons are what brings me to a new spiritual high. I love celebrating the sacrifice of the mass with fellow Catholics that are like in mind.

I believe we are all working to find a way closer to God and for me St. Lukes may be a step ladder! Check it out if you are ever in town!

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