Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fantastic Five Day!

I am writing this on the eve of Keegans adoption finalization. You have no idea how good that sounds or what a crazy journey the last few months have been. Every day brought a new worry, a crazy insecurity or a new prayer needing answered. But, here i sit at the completion of this chapter. I am relieved to know that forever and always he is ours to love and grow. My heart has grown a whole new size this week knowing that nothing can change the fact that he is now our son. I am humbled and sad when i think of his mom who i love dearly and will forever be grateful to. I am grateful for every person who helped Keegan grow before, during and after his move to our home. I am also a little sad that his memories with us begin today and we have a history left with holes. But, mostly i am feeling blessed to have 5 incredible children who we will celebrate tomorrow. My children are selfless, loving little sponges who believed in this crazy adoption story. They believed with every ounce of their little souls that we belong together. They never gave up and kept forging through the troubled times with laughter, courage and an insane amount of patience and love. God has given me five of the strongest children in the planet. So, we celebrate my Fantastic Five tomorrow. We will make a tradition of it. Every year we will do the same things. Tomorrow Shawn will take Keegan out to breakfast to celebrate his uniqueness. He will remind him of how we chose him to love. He will tell him how proud we are to have him as our son. They will come home and we will go to court to sign the final papers. We will thank God alot. We plan on burying a time capsule that will continue as an annual tradition. We will pull out the big bed and have a family movie. There will be laughter and happy tears. Tomorrow will be about us.j I am proud of my fearless husband who helped me to believe even when it seemed hopeless andvwho said yes to a no situation. I am proud of my son who was nervous but had faith. He did the right thing even though it was hard to do. Who now can never imagine a time before his new brother. I am proud of Emma who has nurtured Keegan and patiently taught him countless things...the lil mama. I am proud of Kiley who proudly announced "he's a keeper!" The first one jumping at the bit to adopt and the best teacher in our house. Keegan, my sweet and brave superhero. He has endured so many changes and has remained a smiling, happy, curious boy. He is the little boy who stole my heart. And Dylan, my happy go lucky guy. I am proud he has found a new best friend who will accompany him on his many adventures through life. This is what i am reflecting on today and will be tomorrow. I have never been through a more soul searching, heart wrenching, character building, faith shaking journey in my life. I am happy to has been worth it. Every single second.


  1. Crying so many happy tears right now for you all! All my love to the Fantastic Five and the two greatest parents and kid could ever wish for!

  2. It was so heartening to read this! Wish you love, laughter, togetherness and happiness today and always......