Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our futures So Dull I Never Will Wear Shades

This is a very critical rant on education. If you're a teacher, I would love your response to this frustrated and discouraged parent.

Dear Teachers of America ,

We have done everything right.  I sent you 4 children (so far) overly prepared for your classrooms.  In kindergarten all of my children were reading.  Not by accident.  I did this for you.

In Kindergarten all of my children were taught respect for others but mostly teachers.  I backed you even when you were wrong because my children needed to be taught that a teacher was the greatest asset in the world.

In Kindergarten all of my children knew that grades were everything trying your best was most important.  I backed this lesson by teaching them that if you work hard and do your best, good things will come to you.
For you, I taught them that education is a priceless endeavor the should be grateful for daily.

In Kindergarten all of my children were well versed in geography. I taught them what countries were not fortunate enough to have public school.  I taught them that children in Africa have to walk miles to go to school and we're thankful.  I taught them this because I needed them to value our public education system.  I did this for you.

Here's is what I got in return.  My children have never beenn challenged by any teacher, so far.  My children, with our lessons, have become your peer mentors (I am not dumb. This is another way of ensuring your behaviorally challenged students have a babysitter so you can catch up your failing students. True.) during their instructional time.  My children has been offered spots in gifted and talented schools. What a freaking racket that is!  This means, my children, overly prepared by me, are offered the "opportunity" to go to the worst schools in the districts in a secluded program to raise overall grades of it's failing population.  Thank you sir, may I please have another?  My children only have an option for a crappy high school because of where we live.  Their only other opportunities are more secluded programs or a lottery into an amazing school.  A freaking lottery!

Today my child, who is seriously a freaking genius, was told his project was "forgotten".  He was approached by HIS teacher to create a video game for the STEM fair.  My son spent weeks, with our encouragement and pushing, to create his own video game.  He had no help, unlike the projects that many times win, he did this all on his own.  He was beyond excited and for the first time we felt like he might have a true moment to shine.  Both of his grandparents were here from Michigan and 2 aunts and uncles (creating a good extended support system to again, help you).

Shawn and his dad arrived to find his game was not displayed.  His teacher had forgotten.  His teacher didn't forget his own club....they had a display.  He just forgot my son.  My son who I spoon fed everything you ever needed him to know or do.  My son, who will go on to become your future.  My son who is now defeated and all his drive gone.  My son who will never again believe that if you work hard and do your best...good things will happen.

Another educational disappointment for our family.  Keep spending your time and energy on the behavior kids, the kids unprepared, the kids with families who don't care, the kids that are failing your teaching and our schools.  These kids will not create a cure for cancer, they will not be leaders of men, they will not be the change you wish to see in this world. But because of your effort, they will get the most resources, the most care and attention and all of your energy.  They will burn you out. They will not perform.  Their parents will always complain and make your lives miserable ...while my son is forgotten again, by you.

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  1. I'm not a teacher yet, but here's what I've learned. Blame your politicians and the No Child Left Behind act. A teachers job security is reliant upon test scores. Your children will obviously have no problem passing those state and federally mandated tests. Of course the teachers focus more on the low scoring kids, their job lies with those kids. It's not the teachers fault at this point. Their hands are tied. That's why they have gifted and talented programs, not to seclude the children, but so that they can actually be nurtured and pushed because that teacher knows all of their students will pass the test.