Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mary's Challenge

I have been challenged. ..which incidentally I love.  My sister Mary sent me a list of questions to answer.  So I decided to do it.  I thought a lot about these questions and answered as honestly as I could. 

1.  What is my happiest memory? 
There are a million.  I live a pretty happy life.  Most recently it was crossing the finish line at my first 5k. This has been a goal of mine for a long time.  I was really scared to do this, mostly because my inner voice told me I would suck.  Guess what?  I didn't suck, I rocked!   I was over the moon happy.  I also learned yet one more lesson on how much my inner voice sucks.

2. What is a difficult life experience that you have lived through?
Easy.  The hardest thing I have ever been through was deciding to adopt our little boy, Keegan.  It was hard on many levels and made me question who I was and what was most important to me.  I found out through this experience that my marriage has to be number one, above all else.  I found out that with faith and Gods will you can truly conquer anything.  I found out that what you think is perfect and right, most often means it is difficult and without accolades.  I learned about the definition of true selflessness and patience.  In the end our family came out tested and stronger.  I trusted more firmly in God's will, my marriage and my family.  The only things that truly matter.

3. Why do I blog?
I started off blogging because I wanted a journaling experience where I could have a voice...but, it would have to be a positive voice.  People read this crap, you know?  His was a way for me to write positively instead of unleashing bitterness in a journal I kept under my bed. My kids can read this when I die and I will not be cringing from heaven.  It is a way to record beautiful moments in my life that I want to relive forever.

4.  Favorite Blog
Mary's.  It is pure amazingness.  Always makes me smile.  She is unguarded, opinionated and not too self righteous to realize she ruffles feathers.  In that she is courageous

5. Who do I admire most?
Right now it is my sister Theresa.  She just had twins and has a one year old and two year old.  Th thing is?  She rocks this and is almost always smiling.  I would die, literally die, if we had to do wife swap.  I would quit the show and give my check back.  She does it daily.  No breaks, little help and less complaining.  The most awesome thing?  Her kids are amazing, smart, always cute and hilarious.  That is what every mom should look to.  She is my superhero (at the moment...don't get a big head t...this changes all the time.  Next week it might be me!).

6 What is the easiest dish you make?
For all my crazy organic friends, please skip ahead to number 7.  My favorite dish is Easy Mac.  Never gear, I bust open a bag of carrots and throw in some applesauce for good measure.  If I want to get funky, I throw in some healthy hotdogs.  This by far is my favorite easy dish to make.

7. Favorite song?
Here's the scoop...I keep an ongoing track list of songs that I want played at my funeral.  True.  Currently it begins and ends with Sing Together by train.  Give it a listen and you shall see why.

8. Best place to visit?
Obviously, Michigan.  Leaving Michigan was one of the hardest things I have done.  I feel most happiest, most supported and most confident upon the mitt of the USA.  I love everything about Michigan.   My favorite places: my house, Ann Arbor, DIA, downtown Plymouth, Coney Island, St. Collette, Mary's house, Leannes family and ford rd.

9. 1 of your life's goals
I keep a list of 40 goals by 40 (Thanks to Aunt Pam).  My newest and best is running a 5k every month for one year.  Some of these will be in other states....maybe knock another goal off my list?  Solo roadtrip, no kids.  God bless all 5 but, this mommy still needs some" me" time and goals.  It gives me peace.

10. Favorite things to do with your kids?
I know I can't have a tie, but I do.  First, snuggling in my big bed and going to Russia.  Telling stories, watching movies, ticking and scaring the hide out of my kids.  Second, goings on adventures.  Waking up on a Saturday with no plans and ending up on top of a mountain or at a festival downtown.  No plans have yielded some of our greatest adventures!  Plus, it makes me less of a control freak.  Which, if I am honest, I need sometimes.

11. When have you felt closest to God?
Easy.  I have felt like Gods most precious friend 5 times.  Holding Shawnie at one month.  It was 3 am and I swear, looking at him I felt like God was with us.  Holding Emma right after birth.  She had a traumatic delivery and I held her with such a calm, peaceful feeling.  God was there.  Kiley was almost an emergency c section.  But after her birth, the whole room full of people literally disappeared.  It was Kiley and me.  God was there.  Dylan was my hippie birth.  I literally hand delivered him!  Watching his siblings come and hold him...I knew God was there.  The day Keegans adoption was finalized, we walked out of the courtroom.  The Sun was shining.  I picked up my boy, said a prayer of thanksgiving and knew God was there.  I have been abundantly blessed, undeservedly so...in my life God has been there.  The difference between myself and others?  I acknowledge his prescence and am humbled by his gifts.  I am not a Jesus freak, but I have no problem of thanking God for all He has done for me.

If you have a blog....answer the questions!   This was a great exercise!

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  1. Wow those answers were freaking amaze-balls. Like for real. Maybe I should do a 40 X 40. as much as I love my family, a solo trip sounds so good right now. Theresa's life makes me tired, how awesome is she? Love all of these :) Spanks for playing. Now disable the security thing so I can post a comment without it taking twelve years.