Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 review

2013 was good to my family and I.  This year we had so much fun and got to experience so many things.  I wanted to journal about them so I can reflect and remember the highlights.  If you are reading this, I hope you enjoy!

1. Found a new church- St. Peter Claver has taught me how to be a dynamic Catholic with contagious joy!

2. Had 3 sacraments- Kiley received her First Communion and Shawn and Emma received Confirmation.  All in two weeks!  Our family overflowed with Gods grace.

3. Keegan graduated Tots and started Kindergarten- Tots Landing brought us together and saying goodbye was a bittersweet and tough transition.  Watching my boy start Kindergarten felt amazing.  It also challenged me in more ways than I can count but those challenges have made me a stronger, more confident mom.

4. Shawn got into Steam Academy- Seeing Shawn start high school was definitely overwhelming but getting him into such an amazing, innovative school was the icing on my 2013 cake.  His entrance should secure all of my children going to this school.  Dropping him off for class at the University of Kentucky as a 14 year old was simply surreal.

5. Family Trips to the cottage, Great Wolf Lodge, Gatlinburg, Camping and Holiday World- to sum it up, I will trips create reconnection, lasting memories and builds upon the love and blessings we have an abundance of.  Getting to do these with both of my families made them even better!

6. Dylan had his first broken heart- my little heartbreaker literally fell in love this year.  Brynlee made him seriously was hysterical and adorably sweet.  But, when his older woman went to Kindergarten his broken heart was truly one of the saddest things I have ever seen. If this is a sign of his future I am worried about his precious heart.

7. Emma became my friend- that chick is amazing.  I love every moment I spend with her and am so surprised by everything she teaches me.  I have a deep respect for my little girl and am truly taken aback by the beauty...inside and out...that she is becoming

8. Kiley came into her own- my grace and I became close this year.  The relationship we have is filled with joy and she really likes me.  That girl is one of the funniest kids i know.  Her confidence is growing and some of that middle child baggage  is getting packed away.  She is the definition of grace.

9. I watched Shawn accomplish his dream- his comedy career is taking off and it is inspiring watching him go for it.  He headlined his first big show, put on two school fundraisers, started his own company....all while working full time at Aldis.  He never ceases to amaze me with his unending creativity and his unbelievable ability to keep his family first.  Anyone in need of hiring a clean comic, needs to get his info!!!

10. Finally got new bedroom furniture (not to mention roof, windows and carpet)- we got married 15 years ago and inherited a beast of a bedroom suite from one of my neighbors.  I mean a beast.  But, it suited us well and was the perfect price.  2013 marks the year we get our very own bedroom suite.  The old beast has been put down and we will mourn the passing of such a wonderful gift.  Not really!

Said goodbye to 3 important people in my life.  My cousin Mark who taught me how to be the best of friends with my spouse. Mr. B who taught me how to be grateful, kind and a true friend.  Mamaw who taught me how to be a more selfless person and better mom.

Said hello to one new one...sweet baby John Paul!  That makes 11 nephews and 10 nieces

Crossed off the following items to my personal bucket list:

1. Tried Lobster- over rated and disapointing.
2. Shot a gun....fairly well.  Feel prepared to take on zombies.
3. Accomplished 5 5ks - and actually like it
4. Went on a girls trip....went on 4! New Kids and almost made the afterparty, Gatlinburg for swimming, shopping and laughter, Lexington Geriatric Prom with Buttross and Columbus where I met Drake!
5. Went to an American Idol Tryout and realized Ryan Seacrest is the smallest man in the world.
6. Saw every Oscar nominated movie and went to an Oscar Shorts viewing

This upcoming year I have so many goals that I want to accomplish.  Below are the ones I am going to make happen:

1. Participate in Holi activities.  An Indian festival with powder paint throwing!
2. Have a photography day with a subject of gratitude.  Put photos in a book for myself.
3. Glitter fight with my kiddos
4. Messy Twister with my kiddos
5. Sky Lantern ceremony
6. 5k every month- this will be challenging and the one I am most worried about keeping.  I have one picked out every month until September.
7. Hit my goal weight- 40 lbs.  Its happening.
8. Quit Starbucks- been on my list for 3 years but like a true addict I keep having setbacks.  This year its on.
9. Read 5 life changing books.  I got a list of 20 and I am choosing 5.
10. All oscar movies and shorts
11. Ziplining with whoever is brave enough.  Let me know if you are in.
12. Horseback riding
13. Finish my pottery pieces.  Need to finish 3 plates and two serving bowls
14. Anxiously await the birth of my new niece and God daughter!  She will be my sixth!  Beat that Wilkerson!
15. Go to Boston and Washington DC.  Baptism for my God daughter and Communion for my second God child.

2014 her I come!!!

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