Saturday, January 25, 2014

Holy Crap! I Am A Recognized Writer!

My sister, Mary, just informed me that I have been nominated for most under-rated blog of the year.  This means that one, I am in competition with her (this in itself is freaking hillarious) and two, I am a real writer with readers.

Here's why this matters to me.  I started writing this blog to document moments in our lives.  Moments that we can never get back and, maybe, one day, moments my kids can look back on and smile.  It became a place to reflect.  It also became a place to rant .

As I wrote, it became more clear that I have opinions.  Not just a few, but a whole slew of opinions.  I like having a platform to express these.  I do so, knowing that one day, my kids may also read these.  When they read them I hope they get a tiny glimpse into who i really am.  These have become my rants.

I also have had an opportunity to share my ravings.  These are things that I love to do.  What I enjoy most is sharing my favorite things with the people I love most in the children.  So, many of my ravings are things I do with my children.  They are easy things but also very creative.  They bond us together and make us a very different breed of family.

I am truly amazed that some one read my blog and thought enough to add it to this list.  I always wanted to be a validated writer and tonight I feel like one.  More importantly, I love that this little place of memories have touched another person.  I am inspired to write more this year.

I hope those that read my blog will vote for me.  But, if not, no biggie.  It has been enough to be nominated....but, for clarity sake, I would love to beat my sister!  So, follow the link and give me a vote, k?

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