Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5K races for 2013

Here is my list.  The races are almost all speciality.  The purist will think I am" not really" running.  Each race will be a step closer to lowering my finish time.  Each second faster will get me closer to...dare I say it?...a half marathon.  So, for this year I will concentrate on fun races that will encourage, motivate and inspire me. 

As you look over my list, please add any other good races for me to consider.  I would love for a group of people to run with me and create a team.  We can be account-ability partners.  If you would like to commit to this, let me know.  We can benefit from lower registration costs.  We do not and should not try to stay with each other on race day.  We will meet at the start and finish line of each race.  This way no one will be pressured.  Sooooo excited!

March: Color Blast 3/23 in Owensboro
April: Urban Dare 4/28 Lexington.
          Color Blaze 4/27 bowling green
May: Color Bash 5/18 Lexington
          Anywhere 5k 5/25 Red River
June: Glow in the Park 6/14 Louisville
July: TBA-  looking for input
August: Ky Dirty Girl 8/24 Louisville
              Midsummers Night Run TBA
September: Run for Your Lives 9/7
                Flint, Michigan
                Extreme Rampage 9/8 lex
October: Run Like Hell 10/26 lex
               Race for the cure lex
November: Glow in the Night 11/8
December: Reindeer Ramble 12/8

That's all folks!  Give me your feedback and add your favorites!

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