Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And On the Seventh Day She Rested...

So, my sister Mary has an awesome blog and such a creative way to blog weekly. She calls it her "7 Quick Takes".  She logs seven great things that happened to her that week.  She even includes some rants.

My sister and her husband are also huge babies.  They will cry and whine if I steal this idea.  I get it.   Its her special blog.  But, I am going to kind of steal the idea of doing a weekly wrap up.  I am going to call it" And on the 7th Day She Rested".  Totally not blasphemous.  Me and God are besties.  Plus, it will remind me to blog those precious moments He gives me that I don't always celebrate.  I may have some rants in between but, I am sure you won't mind!

My last rant was on my Facebook Breakup.  After meeting with Ben and Jerrys and catching up with my housewives, I think I made a good call.  I kind of stalk facebook every once in awhile just to see what's up.Like a creepy ex girlfriend that can't let go.  Oh well.  I will be sharing my blog on the book of face just so people know I got a new blog to read.  I hope to have some readers but if not, no harm no foul.

I am hoping these little weekly blogs can be enjoyed by my children when they are older.  I am hoping they will read this crap and reflect on how awesome I am.  But, mostly I hope that they will know that they were my whole life and I wrote down moments so I wouldn't miss a thing.

My first entry will be tomorrow and it will be a dousy.

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  1. I hope since you are on a fb hiatus, that you will update your blog a crud ton! And, feel free to copy me all the time :) BUT, I steal 7 quick takes from a lady named Jen!!! :)