Wednesday, April 17, 2013


1.  Boston.  Here's the deal...I spent a good deal the last 24 hours feeling bad for the kid that was tricked by his big brother into blowing up people.  I felt bad until I saw the picture of this poor, troubled 19 year old walking and smiling behind the peaceful, kind 8 year old he would kill.  I mean the GUY...not kid...was smiling as he passed by that sweet boy, his mom and sister.  The boy was climbing on the barricades and watching the race completely unaware that in minutes he would be fatally wounded by a poor, troubled man.  His sister was standing next to him on her young legs that would later be amputated and his mom was on his other side, smiling and clapping before her brain injuries would leave her in critical care.  Nope, don't feel sorry for him.  Can't wait for his trial and though, I don't feel sorry for him, I will pray to God for his soul.  Maybe Allah can hook him up on the other side...

2 sweet, precious, charming hot mess.  He makes up this week and goes to jump in my bed for snuggles.  As soon as he is up, he jumps back down to stand on the edge of the be.  I say, "what are you doing?"  He smiles and says, "I am farting comfy mom.  I didn't wan to be stinky".  He then crawls back in bed and snuggles in.  Love that boy.

3 My little boy is preparing for Graduation.  In my mind he is still that sticky, adorable 2 year old who caught my heart.  That little boy who I knew was meant to be mine.  He will be graduating preschool with more personal accomplishments than most adults.  His social/emotional growth, courage, self control and confidence has grown in leaps and bounds!  He will be entering Kindergarten reading and writing full sentences but that pales to everything else he has succeeded at.  He has started to become a lil man full of smiles, love and outgoing warmth that is shared by all around him.  I am in awe...simply, in awe.

4 Kiley learning transubstantiation!  Say what???  Yes, friends.  My girl is preparing for her First Communion and she truly knows the definition and meaning of this word.  Our super solid, charismatic church has proven to not be, just a wonderful community, but a solid teaching ground for this all important and defining sacrament.  She also learned that the consecrated host is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus...holla old school Catholicism.  Our priest is an awesome witness to our catechism but also to joy in faith.  Joy!

5. Sacrament Bonanza!  The next 8 days my family will celebrate 2 confirmations and one Holy Eucharist.  I am overwhelmed by the amount of grace and love our family will be experiencing.  Confirmation is my favorite sacrament.  It is the equivalent of a protestant baptism.  Shawn and Emma will be assuming full responsibility and ownership of their own spirituality.  I am overwhelmed by their excitement and decision to fulfill this sacrament.

6. My husband completed his 2 comedy show fundraisers and while we have learned a lot, the greatest lesson is always go for your dreams.  It has been inspiring standing in the background, silently cheering on the man I love.  I am proud that he is such a creative man.  I am very thankful that, as a family, we all work together to support each other as individuals.  Our family is the most important passion we have but we also are finding ways to be alive with the talents God has given us.  Its important for my children to see my husband as a great father, hard worker, creative and passionate performer.  I hope they will one day be able to reach all of their goals just like him.

7. Lastly I completed my second 5k..."Prison Break".  I was so nervous about this event because I really wanted to beat my last time.   When we arrived there were only about 300 people, all of whom appeared to be awesome teens.  To me a teenager while I am running is terrifying.  All that judgement, joking and youth.  But, with my bestie Melissa we conquered that hurdle and began.  My favorite part of running is the halfway mark when you get a second win.  It is awesome!  At the end we were greeted by those terrifying teenagers cheering us on.  My time was one minute under...disappointed but not discouraged.  I will live to run another day.

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