Saturday, May 18, 2013

Breakup Letter #2

Last month I broke up with Facebook.It was sad but needed.  I still struggle with this decision but we are better apart. 

This month I am breaking up with my Teen Moms, 16 and pregnants and Teen Moms 2 and MTV, as a whole. I will swear and say hurtful things.  I will try to start a revolution...I encourage strongly all of you joining me.  If you want to join, share this breakup letter and bring down the creepers that run MTV.  Bring em down hard. Here is my breakup letter...

Dear MTV,

We are breaking up.  Our relationship has become toxic.  You do nothing for me.  Worst of all, you ain't nothing but a money grubbing pimp.   You sell young women for profit...making more money by selling their pride to the highest bidder.  You love weak women who enjoy beatings,  like Rihanna.  You love her abuser and dare to give him screen time.  You even showed him doing community service, as if he was Rosa Parks instead of the ass who beat a woman's face to a bloody pulp.

You chastise your indentured women with a quack job "doctor" for keeping their babies and wanting to have more.  You support women having irresponsible sex with low down dirty bastards and just taking the abortion pill to clean up any mistakes.  You are such a corporate, filthy company. 

You promote websites that promote underage girls having sex and finding meds to deal with the consequences.  You have shows that glorify weak, hurt women being taken advantage of by men on a daily basis.  You profit from men who take home drunk women to use for sex.  You create characters that make this cool and ok.  If I saw you on the street I picture you being an aging 45 year old hooking up with 20 year olds like a pathetic letching creeper.

The worst part is somehow your creepy, pathetic attempts to stifle strong women has worked.  You make billions off of us.  We don't cause a ruckus.  We sit back like good little housewives letting you dictate how women are treated.  Since you came around I have seen women dress trashier, get wasted, become dumber, get used and abused all the while making more money for you their nasty pimp.  We allow it, support it and promote it.  We give you excuses and say you are teaching us lessons.  What the what?!?!?  Last I checked I got my lessons from real people not cartoon characters provided by corporate pigs making the big bucks.

The last straw was watching your quack tell a bunch of young, struggling moms "I told you so".  I watched him and you make them feel like worthless, poor, pathetic girls.  I watched you turn strong women into sniveling, regretful teen moms.  You gave them a shameful scarlet letter...and loved every minute of it. 

What you forgot is that we watch the show because we see their strength.  The strength in completing school and staying put, because their child needs it.  We see their struggle.  Struggle with poverty and a history of poor parenting but we focus on how they achieve motherhood with grace and courage.  We see their heartbreak but await their rising phoenix moments.  We see them make tough choices for their child unselfishly.  Even the weakest ones provide us with a sense of sisterhood...believe me, we all are looking for keiffer to kick his ass.  We root for Jenelle and wish for her peace and inner strength to beat the beast.

But, I realized today, you don't create the show for this reason.  You create this show to make them look like whores and treat them like dogs.  You do this with glee!  You enjoy their failures, struggles and fears.  You literally love it.  You chastise them are the completion of a season.  You make them cry and grovel for their mistakes.  You them parade out their children, like you had something to do with their little spirits.

So for them, for me and every woman I say, peace homie.   We are done.  We are never ever, ever getting back together.  Take your crappy anti women agenda elsewhere.  I am not falling for it.  I will raise my girls to kick your ass with their own studios.  I will raise them to own you, control you and inevitably, shut you down.  Buckle up buttercups,  the revolution has begun.  We won't be wasting time burning bras, we will work tirelessly to shut you down.

Women everwhere

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