Saturday, May 4, 2013

One Week Countdown to Queen Mothers Day!

One week to go before mothers around the world are celebrated.  This week I had many awesome moments.   These are my top 7.

1. All moms...Get ready to be jealous.  Most of you know how I love my countdown to my bday and Queen Mothers Day.  Well, today marked the first day of a week long celebration.  My girls set up a spa for me with fresh rose water, pedis and manis.   We ended with a dance party in a "college dorm" they created so I could "relive the 90's."  Seriously, this is what they said verbatim.  I am loved.

2. Rant...I don't like fake people who pretend to be your friend.  I don't like that moment when you recognize that your friend is really a sneaky lil bastard in disguise.  I like even less that sometimes, you have to accept it and only hope for karma to take a shot.  I do, however, love that karma will take that shot.  It does comeback around.  End rant.

3. This week I got to go on a field trip with my girl, Kiley.  Kind of felt like a rockstar mama.  My kids friends seem to like me and that makes me happy for Kiley.  Dont get me wrong, I am not going for the "friend mom" but it makes me happy that my kids friends like me enough to maybe work hard enough to meet my expectations.  Kiley had a blast and we even got to sneak off from the group to do our own thing and bond.  It was a wonderful day that made me even more thankful for my Gracie girl.

4. Spotify.  That's all.

5. Husband did it again.  Surprised me with a Louisville date to see the greatest musician in the world, Langhorne Slim.  The dude is amazing!  We even got to meet him at the end.  He, incidentally, loved my shirt which means he wants to marry me.  Obvi.  What he doesn't know is I already tricked a boy into marrying me.  A boy that still surprises me with amazing dates.  A boy that is still my best friend and the only one I want to hear any good music with. 

6. Kentucky Derby Day at our house is a big deal.  We don't go gallavanting with big Hollywood stars at Churchill downs.  We don't sip fancy drinks that taste like alcoholic gum.  We have a experience.  This year that included footprint horses, family wagers, making Derby hats and our old Kentucky homes.  Having a Run for the Roses race around the block.  Making yummy Kentucky foods like hot browns, benedictine sandwiches and Derby hat cookies.  That is the way we do it!

7.  Lastly I am grateful for Mary Wilkerson sharing this video with me.  It is 7 min long and a must watch for every mother on this very sacred week.  I urge all mommies to make this a special week focusing on those perfectly ordinary moments....

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