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KY Bill HB 575... Womens Right to be Educated

Most of you have probably assumed, due to the huge family we are blessed with, that I am one of those crazy Pro Life Catholics.  And, you would be right.  I am a proud Pro Life woman and a proud Shiite Catholic {this means extremely strict and rigid}.  If you are pro choice knowing this probably makes you hold the following judgments: I am against womens rights, I am a crazy religious fanatic and I am Republican. 
One, I am Republican but I also am very libertarian and very Democrat.  I have to say I am Republican because this is the ONLY party that values, respects and protects ALL human life.  The democrats work their whole lives to protect the lives of endangered species, trees and the ozone layer.  Libertarians work their whole lives to ensure that all people can do whatever they choose to do with little to no interference from the government.  And, if this means killing a be it.  While both the libertarians and Democrats have unbelievably amazing records for protecting and providing for the least of His people, they both also have forgotten the very LEAST of His people.  For these reasons alone I am tied into being a Republican.  I will never vote with any party that does not put Human Life first.  Thus, you are right....a flaming Republican by default.
You may think I am a crazy religious fanatic and to that I say wrong-o.  I am quietly Catholic and believe evangelization comes from the life you lead, not by holding membership parties.  I am a Real Catholic, meaning that I have committed to 100% of my Church teaching.  I am part of a religion that has a hierarchy that has stood the test of time and has NEVER faltered on the issue of human life.  I accept that and wholeheartedly endorse Her teaching.  I am not an Easter/Christmas Catholic, I practice my faith everyday.  In PRACTICING my faith, I fail daily.  This means I do not judge others who fail for fear that judgment will follow my own inadequacies.  So yes, I am a Shiite Catholic but no... I am far from a crazy Christian.
Lastly, and by far my most favorite opinion that us Pro Life women endure... I am obviously all about stifling women and taking away their power to choose the life they want to live.  I am obviously all about burdening women to stay at home and care for the children they are sadled with.  To this I say, loudly and strongly...if you are Pro Choice you are the one who is Anti Women.  You are the ones who stifle women issues.  You are the ones who allow men, sexism and society to hold down a group of humans so powerful it frightens the living daylights out of men everywhere.  And, let me do the honor of explaining why.
Let's first examine Planned Parenthood, the mothership for all Pro Choice women in this country.  This organization is the number one location of abortions in the United States and arguably has one of the worst anti- women records in human history.  The very organization was founded by a woman, so ate up with racism and socialism you can't find a quote by her on the internet without some of those amazingly unflattering ideals to seep in.  Margaret Sanger founded the organization with the full intent to diminish the African American population and in doing so, made these women slaves to the government by providing alternatives that enabled men to step back from their responsibilities and lay full burden on the WOMAN.  Margaret Sanger began this plot strategically and the figures today clearly show her winning record.  And, yet Planned Parenthood is hailed as the Pro Woman hub of the world.  This is laughable at best.
Planned Parenthood, continues to this date to be associated with the number one reason for African American deaths in this country.  Planned Parenthood offices are conveniently located in primarily African American/lower income cities.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Does no one question this strange and consistent behavior?  Does no one find this racist, sexist and devoid of protection for women?  If they were a "WOMEN" organization, would they not counsel more women about the gift of adoption and sisters helping one another out?  Would they not offer financial resources supporting birth mothers before, during and after labor?  
Planned Parenthood has helped to spearhead the distribution of cancer causing birth control and dangerous alternatives to countless WOMEN DAILY.  Look up the staggering statistics on the birth control pill- one of the biggest birth control options that is being given out like candy at every Planned Parenthood, is linked to infertility and cancer. Mirena has been linked to serious life threatening conditions in women.  Mirena is advertised like it is the newest and best pair of shoes you can own.  These birth control options have been created by MEN and for MEN.  Men are the ones that pressure women to "protect themselves" by filling their bodies with chemicals that are proven to alter a women's fertility and health.  Meanwhile, they could be educating women on how to NATURALLY prevent pregnancy by knowing their body better than any MAN could.    
Lastly,  Planned Parenthood, is the pristine organization that hides behind "Womens Preventative Cancer Care" while doing nothing more than screening and referrals.  Basically, sending women to someone else to give them care.  These preventative services account for an inadequate percentage of their caseloads and yet, they hide behind this rhetoric. Pro choice women everywhere continue to hail this organization as pro women.  Give me one fact to support that.
Pro Choice women talk about a Women's Right to Choose.  Right to Choose the life or death of an infant.  What about the future women they are choosing to take that choice from?  Can you even imagine how many Superwomen have been taken off the face of the Earth for the sake of the right to choose?  Abortions have far more lasting consequences emotionally than physically.  Woman suffer daily from their "Right to Choose".  They suffer in silence because Pro Choice women do not want to hear or face their regret and Pro Life women stand back in prideful arrogance... not willing to let their hearts feel empathy for a woman that has made that horrendous choice.   How many Pro Choice women are even aware the plantiff, Norma McCorvey in Roe Vs. Wade has become one of the chief women leading the charge on overturning this unimaginable ruling? 

To this I say, who is controlling the strings of these women puppets?  Is it not strange that drug companies are primarily ran by men and the drugs they give women to control their fertility have a history of side effects to include and not limited to: weight gain, bloating, moodiness, deadly infections, infertility, ovarian and breast cancer?  Is it not strange that the strongest proponents to Pro Choice powerhouse Planned Parenthood, also happen to be men?  Has no one stopped to consider the odd ally Pro Choice women find in men that want to control- financially, emotionally and physically- women's fertility and pregnancies?  I am shocked that through all these years of Feminism, not one feminist has stood and said to the world, I WILL NOT allow a MAN to be behind any chemical or physical alterations of my precious body.  A body, by the way, that is capable of growing a HUMAN inside of it.
Pro Choice women talk about the Right to Choose but do NOT support the right for ALL women to be educated on the health dangers from abortions and the effects on the fetus during the process of abortion.  In fact, Pro Choice women stand in front of ALL women, forbidding them the RIGHT to be educated on health issues.  They do so, to protect the RIGHT to choose.  All while preventing them the choice to be informed women. 
So, no, I am far from being Anti-women.  In fact I would say that I am the biggest feminist you could meet.  I challenge you to consider how your "Pro Choice" stance makes you a feminist, while there is so clearly so many reasons to prove that abortion has damaged women since its inception.  I would challenge you to take to task the men who are creating your birth control.  I would challenge you to dig into the history of companies that sell their "Feminist" agendas.  I would challenge you to examine the facts and statistics of abortion and for once, step back and allow WOMEN, at the very least, the RIGHT to be informed on the dangers associated with abortions.  Then, and only then can you stand arm in arm with me, a true Feminist.
If you live in Kentucky I urge you to contact your local representatives regarding Bill HB575.   I have included the information for you to discern whether you can use your voice to help!
1. Call 1 800 372 7181
2. When you call, give your zip code and get the name of your representative
3. Leave the following message:   "please assign HB 575 to the House Judiciary Committee to insure it gets a fair hearing. We know your decision to send it elsewhere is simply a way to kill the bill."
If your Rep. is not already a cosponsor; ask him/her to do so.
AN ACT relating to full disclosure in public safety.
Create new sections of KRS 311.710 to 311.820 to require an ultrasound prior to an abortion and to allow a civil suit for medical malpractice if not performed; amend KRS 311.990 to provide a criminal penalty; amend KRS 311.725 to require the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to provide various pregnancy-related materials and information in print from and on a stable Internet Web site.

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