Friday, November 2, 2012

Today I am Thankful For...

Sweet face, Keegan. All of our children are my blessings but today I choose Keegan.

I am one of those Jesus freaks that believe without a shadow of a doubt that God guides you in your life.  If you listen closely and soulfully you can hear the direction your life needs to go.  This is how I have felt on our journey to Keegan.  My belief was tested throughout this journey but, each time I doubted, lost faith, was discouraged...I listened.

The day I met Keegan I knew he was different.  My heart was called to him and his family in a much more significant way.  I would find myself thinking of him, praying for him and finding moments to bond with him. I kept my heart open and when I felt God calling, I listened.  Shawn was my rock and listened to this calling.  Hesitantly and fearfully we followed this path being shown time and again, we were going in the right direction.  It was like following a trail through a pitch dark trail with only small glimpses of light to guide the way.  We were terrified and had our hearts broken.  But, still we listened and believed.

Throughout this time Keegan has taught me so many things.  He has taught me how to love unconditionally and how, when times are tough, you need to love harder, stronger and without fail. He has held my heart even in the toughest times. We cling to each other as the world whips us around.  We never let go.  We love without fail.

He has taught me to not give up.  To believe in the impossible.  To believe in the crazy pull of fate.  He is one of the most determined children I have ever met.  He teaches me by his example.

Keegan is truly a miracle in our lives and I love him to the moon and back.  He has brought me so much joy. His smile lights up my rooms.  His laugh is contagious and huge.  His secrets whispered in my ear, fill my heart with gladness.  His lil treasures that to anyone else, would be meaningless junk, to me they are the riches that fill my home. 

Keegan has changed our family in countless ways.  He has given Dylan a best friend and a partner in crime.  He is Kileys most diligent student who hangs on her every word.  Keegan is Emmas buddy that teaches her empathy and guidance.  Keegan has given Shawn a fan for life that follows him on his journeys and gives him confidence.  He has given his Daddy a whole new level of playfulness.  He has given me everything.

The day I met Keegan, he had my heart but, I had no idea that he was going to change my world.  I am thankful that I listened.  I am thankful that Keegan is ours.  I am thankful that God brought him to us and I pray everyday that He continues to guide us to be good enough for him.  I pray that God will continue to guide us and we will continue to listen faithfully, hopefully and humbly.

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