Friday, November 9, 2012

Today i am thankful for...

My huge, obnoxious and loving gang of nieces and nephews.  Thank God my siblings and I have decided to break the record for biggest clan in the United states.  Because of that I have been blessed with 17 nieces and nephews!  I will name and describe each precious amazing gift.

Lets start with my brother Regis and Paulette.  After years of patiently waiting and praying for the gift of children, these crazy cats gave pur family 6.  Trey is the oldest and my dads namesake (Regis III-hence Trey).  The kid is so funny and one of the most fiercely determined kids I know.  He is Shawnies best buddy.  Faith is my 2nd Godchild.  She is the little peanut princess.  To be so little it is amazing that she manages to get all her siblings in line like a lil mama. Faith and Moldy are besties. Brendo is the gentle giant.  He has the biggest heart and is sweet as a ten gallons of ice cream.  Jack has the name I always wanted (Shawn thought Jack Reynolds sounded like a drink you order at a sleazy bar...oh well).  He is adventurous and keeps up with the big boys.  Bailey is precious.  As I get to know her I can tell she will have an easygoing nature.  New baby is yet to be known but with the examples all around I will only be able to say the same kind things.  My Minnesota babies make me feel happy. 

Brian and Jen have 4 with 1 on the way.  Addie is the lil scholar.  She is mature beyond her years and was the first to come up and call me Auntie KK.  Ralph is the more reserved of the 2 boys.  He is quiet as he assesses the situation.  But, once he likes are in, for life.  Warren is quiet but outgoing in his affection.  He is independent yet sticks close to his family.  He has got a good protective feeling about him. Ellie is the lil baby.  She reminds me so much of my lil brother.  Addie is the mini mama and I can't wait to see how this will mold her.

Mary and Aaron have the 2 peanuts.  Aaron is a spazzo who loves crazy spazzos.  Hence, why we get along.  He has a look on his face that says,"Really?  You again?"  This cracks me up.  Joseph is the little brother.  He is calm and totally digs new faces.  Both of these boys have laughter that comes from the tips of their toes.  I am getting to know these boys on every trip and by constantly keeping them supplied in m&'s I am ensuring their unwavering love of me.  Emma is their babysitter and watching her give them this natural love makes me proud!

Theresa and Matt have Rocky, Kolbe and soon Molly and zoe.  Rocky is truly the rock star.  I think he likes me the best.  He does not like me the best when I correct him and has to give me the big lower lip.  Kolbe is the fat Chinese lady who quietly observes the craziness contemplating his imminent escape.  He is calm and observant.   The boys are besties with Keegan and Dylan.  One day they will all form a band.  I will manage them and escort them around the world. Molly and Zoe remain to be seen but no doubt they too will adore me.

I am Auntie KK, auntie junk food or auntie m&m.  I adore everyone of these kids like they were my own and I celebrate each new addition like the first.  Our family continues to grow in love and I can't wait to see what our family will look like in 10 years.  Big families are awesome!

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