Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today I am Thankful For...

My sisters!   I have been so lucky that I had parents who believed in big families.   Mostly because I reaped the rewards of having not one, not two but 5 sisters.

Let me be real honest, my thankfulness was not always present due to the fact that sisters can be very annoying.  A sister relationship is similar to a storm on the high seas. Sweeping rain and high nasty winds but then a steady, quiet, calm and peace.  My sisters raise me up and cheer me on.  They are my honest anchors and my most confidential therapists.  They are the only ones that can pull me off a rooftop ledge just as I am about to take a flying leap.  Best of all, our similar beliefs and support helps me to live a life of black and gray in sight.

My sisters by blood know every part of me. They know my fears, my insecurities, my joys and heartaches. They have laughed with me and fought with me (i got the scars to prove it.).

Mary is my rock. I go to her when I need solid advice.  I think we all do.  She tells you the right way, gently.  She has taught me how to be more faithful and a better wife/mother.  She is our old fashioned sissy who taught me it is ok to embrace traditional roles and even learn to love them

Theresa is my best friend and cheerleader.  I say this because she is that friend I can call up and bitch to, knowing she has got my back and will pack heat if need be.  She is my Opie.  She has taught me to be more loyal and put my family first without caring what others think.  She has taught me to drop the drama ( I struggle, I confess) and focus on our little circle of love.. 

Annie is my beloved.  Scary and stalkerish but true.  She was my first baby.  She taught me to love selflessly and put others first.  She taught me what true unconditional love is.  She currently is teaching me to aim high and keep dreaming.  Plus, she keeps me young by reminding me how old and creepy I am.

Then, there are the outlaws.  I have been humbled in the past few years by how much I could love sistas from another motha.  For those that know me, you know I don't like outsiders. I abhor intruders into our family circle. Nobody knows this more than my sister-in-laws because they had to love me through that.

Paulette has been my journey sister.My sister, who even in tough times, doesn't give up and keeps trying.  I am not one that is easy to try with.  Paulette has taught me how to be a go with the flow mom...and that has made all the difference.  She has taught me a lot about acceptance and determination.  She has taught me that real family love transcends all issues, no matter how tough.  She is an exceptional mom who has taught me more about healthy eating and living. 

Jen is our newbie outlaw.  Luckily, Paulette paved the way by loosening up this wicked witch. I was a lot more supportive and loving to our newbie.  Jen has taught me to be open to others opinions and listen wholly to what others say.  She has taught me to be a faithful wife and not be scared of that.  She also taught me how to gracefully come into new situations fearlessly by her example. 

You see?  Having these sisters makes me such a better person.  I am so blessed to have them in my life.  This is why they are my number one...they are the root of everything I am growing into.  As I get older, and hopefully, wiser their examples of love, support and encouragement make me a stronger wife, mother and friend.  Love u sissies!

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