Monday, October 22, 2012

Taking Down The Giant

I have been insanely blessed with the most amazing father for my children.  I believe most average dads work their jobs, come home and say hello and checkout for the rest of the evening. Maybe they coach their child's team and check that off the list of important dad duties.  If they don't coach, they show up to the games and competively push their child to success. They will occasionally sit down to play a board game or even better a video game.They may find a connection with the "special" child and work at that relationship as the primary focus.This is an average dad.<

My husband is so much more than that.  My husband works 60+ hours {I mean, we have 5 adorable but wildly expensive kiddos} and is a part time stand up comedian.  He never uses that as an excuse to not perform at the highest level of excellence as a father.Shawn spends quality time with each of his children and works hard at developing a strong relationship with every child. He is the most perfect example of the men I want our daughters to date and totally gets that his example is what they will look for in a husband.

To our boys, Shawn connects with them on individual levels.  He never tries to make them into what he wants or wishes them to be.   He patiently guides them to becoming strong men of character as his example shows them.

Most recently, Shawn's awesomeness as a father went into a whole different stratosphere with our newbie, Keegan.  He shows such empathy and sensitivity to our little boy who is going through transitions very few people have had to. Shawn works to put Keegan's needs above his own and by doing so, exemplifies selflessness.These are all of the ways Shawn is above average in the dad category. And, I haven't even shared the most important part...

Tonight, Shawn sent me a message and told me to have the kids plan a sneak attack on the "Giant".  Let me explain... the "Giant" is a game my most creative husband came up with.  He acts like a menacing creature and encourages the children to try and "take him down"   Now, this little spirited mama loves the premise.  It teaches our children to not be afraid to take on "Giants".  Ok, maybe a little melodramatic but true. My kids have to take down a 6.5 ft giant.This takes alot of determination and strength.  They never quit until they get him down.  Let me assure you, my competitive husband NEVER backs down and lets them win.  This is one of his biggest rules.

Anyways, I got the message and took the hooligans out back, loaded for bear {they each had big cups of water}.  I gave them the instructions to stay put until I led the giant to them.  Then, Shawn gave a call and recorded a voice message on my phone.  He pretended to be a neighbor who had just spotted a giant.  He then began screaming as if he was being attacked {get it?  Attention to details  The dude never leaves anything half done}.  The kids were beyond excited. 

Shawn came home and I led him to the sneak attack.  As he rounded the corner of the backyard, my tough little kiddos doused him!  They then ran around the house, went inside and locked the door. The plan was to make him dance and then he would be allowed in. Backfired!  He had his keys, let himself in and proceeded to take down every wayward child  The kids were hysterically screaming, laughing and doing their best to take down the "Giant"

These moments will become less and less as my children grow up  I know this.  So does Shawn.  I love that I married a man that understands the importance of taking these opportunities and making the most of them.  He has never used his job or his limited time as a reason to disconnect.  He has never allowed anything to come before his dedication to being a father.  He tirelessly and vigourously attacks the role of father, not because he has to but because he wants to.  Shawn is my hero.  God gave him to me to be my best friend and to love our children without fail.  Today, I am thankful.

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