Sunday, September 18, 2011

All the Little Things...

What makes up a moms day? It's all the little things. The things that no one sees and takes for granted. It's one of a million little jobs that happen over the course of the day that would be impossible to record. The little things that mean very little to most people.

Waking up early to start the day right, writing a note in a attention deprived child's lunch, calling your mother in law to chat while washing dishes, folding laundry while feeding the baby, singing a lullaby even though you have not put away dinner yet. How about the gosh darn dusting, wiping behind the toilet, making meatloaf from scratch. Cutting the gross chicken fat off or washing/drying lettuce. Wiping off dried toothpaste from the sink, picking up another nasty sock, grocery shopping with a 2 year old, reading that horrible sponge bob book for the 19th time. Wiping a runny nose while changing a diaper, remembering to pay the school 5 more bucks, going to the doctor with a sick child.

All these asinine minute details that make a house and family run smoothly. So many nitty, gritty nasty jobs.

But, you also have all the other little things. Things that make you try harder to be better. The moments that give you motivation and inspiration. The little things that keep you coming back for more.

A good morning snuggle, the little hand that rubs your face, the out of nowhere hug, the "I love you's" that become the soundtrack to your life. The laughter and smiles meant only for you, the shared glance following a moment of success. Prayers at bedtime, the moment right before they fall asleep and give you a smile, finding your tween sucking their thumb, smelling their smell. The successful outings, the handmade cards and trinkets, the love notes that say everything you ever wanted to read. Dinner talks, scary stories that lead to big hugs, sharing secrets and having dates, holding hands even for just a moment. The wet kisses of toddlers and the quick smooches from older ones. The memories they share of good times...the remember when's, the follow the car games, swinging on a swing with a child in your lap. Wishing on a star, finding the moon, waiting for Santa, after bath time where the smell of their hair can bring a tear to your eye. Quiet times where you look out and see your life... and, its all you ever wanted or needed.

These are the moments that matter. Sure, the other things are annoying, disgusting and no one in their right mind would do without prodding. At the end of the day when you drop down to catch your breath... those are the things that are forgotten but the real moments of pleasure are the ones you say a prayer of thanksgiving for. That's what living is all about.


  1. Today, I let my kid drool all over my face because when I lifted him up in the air, through all the drool, he was laughing hysterically. That was a little thing that made all other things worth it!

  2. Love the drool lift... wish they could make this a competitive Olympic sport!