Monday, September 19, 2011

The Magic Big Bed

One of my favorite places in the whole world is my bed. Affectionately deemed "the big bed", it is the place all of our family loves. It is the place we share scary stories, visit other countries and hold impromptu family meetings. it is also the place where tickle torture happens and flying takes place. Pillow fights are a staple and occasionally the big bed takes flight to the family room for a movie night.

The big bed has a history of stories and moments that make our family strongly bonded. When I was a kid I was lucky enough to have my own family big bed. The one place in my crazy house that felt safe, warm and happy. The place that still makes me feel good inside. My parents always welcomed us in their room especially on stormy nights or when bad dreams were afoot. The tradition is carried on in my family.

Right now it is a place where two of my children are snuggled up clamoring for a place next to me. Being in the big bed is kind of like being on my own red carpet. I may not have throngs of adoring fans but when I am buckled into this bed I feel like the queen of the world. Even as I sit and compose this lil ditty, my 2 rascals are talking about their day and giggling. My favorite sound in my favorite place.

The magic big bed is also the place I look forward to falling into at the end of the day and luckily never alone. No matter what happens throughout the day, when I jump into this happy cloud everything is right in the world. It's not much but its my own little piece of heaven. Here's hoping you are somewhere snuggled up with someone you love and who adores you back.... and hopefully it is in your own magic big bed.

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