Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Listen To Your Heart

Lately I have been trying to pray and ask God to show me the right path to take. There are moments when you hit a crossroads and you have to decide which road to take. You always have a gut feeling. It's the first thought you have and the one you are called to. But, what do you do when that road is full of obstacles and all the travel guides are pointing in the opposite direction?

You pray. You give it up to God. You take a leap of faith and push yourself on. You can't go on without having faith. It's the power that pushes you and pulls you forward. Prayers are the fuel. Living this way has always been my motto. For goodness sakes, The Road Less Traveled is one of my all time favorite poems. Carpet Diem is the 2 words that mean the most. Why is it I still worry?

I know the path will be rocky and uncleared but, today I wish for a crystal ball to see the future. Will all the stumbling blocks be worth it? Is my motivation correct? Is this road going to where God wants me to go? To the last question there is no hesitation. It is yes. I know it. I know it in my bones. I have known it from the start. So, the other answers don't matter. Ultimately we have to walk forward in faith.

And, so I will walk forward with my husband by my side into an unknown path. We lead our children and we will have to lead confidently. If we lead strongly they will follow and not falter. Right now, I hear JP2..."Don't Be Afraid". I ask for prayers that I will have faith... I just had an aha moment! I have been so worried about what to pray for... I will pray to be faithful and trusting in God to lead me! Join me in this prayer. I feel very peaceful as I say good night.

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