Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Wonderful World of High/Low

On our best days we manage to sit down as a family and eat. Dinner is usually met with squabbles, manner issues, spilled milk and complaints from my young aspiring food critics. But, once in a blue mood there is a moment of calm and I sit at our table and reflect on my blessings. Now, mind you, this lasts but a minute and that minute is glorious.

In that moment inevitably the game of high/low comes up. One of my all time favorite movies is The Story of Us and the dinner table scene is epic. Because even though their lives might be crumbling, that game reminds them of what matters. So, we have tried to begin this very special game into our family.

Here's the premise... each person tells a "high" from their day and also a "low". The highs are my favorite and the lows are sad but offer valuable missed information from your children. Sometimes, it offers a snapshot of a child that needs attention or that is struggling with a friend at school. Sometimes there isn't any low and that is a joyful moment.

Today the game was played and here's how it went:
Shawnie: "high- playing with Dylan in my room"
"Low- Dylan hitting me with a scooter"
Emma "High- getting off my grounding and playing with grace"
"Low- this morning when I was rude to you"
Kiley: "High- having a day with you"
"Low- getting in trouble at dinner"
Dylan: "Bubby and toy story"

Today I learned that my boys love each other and hurt each other. But, its all good because hugs and sorrys were doled out. My girls get in some trouble but at the end of the day they still love and respect me. You see, things aren't always perfect, shining moments of Martha Stewartness but sometimes in the rough moments a tiny little glimmer of love shines the light.

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