Thursday, October 18, 2012

Being A Cheerleader For the Team That Matters

Its halftime and your team is down by 21.  Impossible task, right.  Not if you have the right cheering squad.  A cheering squad that never stops, no matter how impossible.  A squad that is always there, no matter what the weather.  A squad that will be focused on the action not on the distraction.

This is how I felt tonight when I got to be emmas cheerleader at her cheerleading game.  See, its important for your child to make the team but it is even more important to be on the sidelines cheering.  They really don't care what their coaches say or how many atta boys they get..the most important encouragement comes from you.

I am lucky everyday that not only do I get to be the cheerleader for my kids I want to.  It wasn't hard to shut down my phone, block Facebook and tell the NJ Housewives to take a chill pill.  Not when I had the opportunity to matter in the life of a child...especially my child.

So here's to all the cheerleaders out there.  We are an elite squad and the unsung heroes.  We are the few and proud.  We are the ones who will reap the rewards....and there will be rewards.

My parents were my cheerleaders and because of that they are still my besties.  They get my first phone calls of happiness, they get my time and attention, they are active grandparents and adored by all 22.   They are the first ones I think of in the morning and the last ones I pray for at night.  They even will score the most magical suite de la Reynolds casa when they get old, senial and smelly.   These are the best rewards a parent can hope for.

So cheer loud, cheer proud but most of all, be there.  Be present and focused.  Be the loudest one (not obnoxious...emma had to coach me on that one).  They will notice.  They will remember who was in their corner.  Their corner is cozy and full of happiness.  Be there.

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