Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dangling Donuts

Who doesn't love fall?  The leaves changing colors, the crisp autumn air, pumpkins and gourds and of course, donuts! 

Our family fun event is none other than the ol donut game of yore.  We all grew up playing it.  The powdered donuts strung up for each child.  Each child trying so hard to eat that donut without using their hands.  The adults cheering on their children and laughing at the powdered covered face.  It is such a great game and the kids love it.

The best thing about this game is that it is cheap and can be done at anytime of the year.  I am still amazed everytime we pull out this game, our kids look at us like we are the most innovative gamemakers.  I am always pleasantly surprised how much they love playing games with each other.

Today I also caught my kids sitting in the lil monkeys room playing legos together.  The sight literally made my heart leap out of my chest for 2 reasons.  Again, they were finding boundless joy in a simple toy that has been around forever. But, two, they were all sitting from age 3-13 playing cooperatively with nary a screen on sight.  These are the moments when I feel we have made our children into truly lovely human beings.

My theory?  Maybe its the simple games (like Dangling Donuts) or the fancy art projects.  Maybe its the hugs and kisses given out at every possible second.  Or the amazing families we have that give endless support and love.  But, I think it may be simpler and more general than those.  I think our children are becoming lovely human beings because every moment together we attempt to have family fun.  Sure, there are failings, but even in those moments I constantly am thinking how can we turn this frown upside down?  By having that focus we are able to keep our kids growing tall and straight towards the Sun and Gods love.

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