Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spa night and a visit from Helga

The true power of happiness and peace lies in the ability to pamper oneself.  I have never been very good at this (have you seen my nails and my jacked up bun?) and wish I did a little better.  I have come to believe that when you put yourself first sometimes, you are a much happier person.  In lieu of this, I have decided to teach my children the art of pampering by instituting "spa nights".  As a disclaimer: my oldest son Shawn no longer participates; much to my dismay

Spa nights begin with some minor bathroom redecorating.  Again, I do this with no warning to the kids  They are to be surprised. I clean the tubs really well.  I declutter the bathrooms and light some candles.  I bring in my CD player and play some relaxing music.  The tub is filled with warm water and of course, bubbles

The boys are first, they get to add some toys to the tub.  They also are read a story as they lounge. As the music plays, Helga walks in. Helga is a happy and soft spoken elderly German woman (me :) ) Helga will bathe the boys and give them each hand massages and scalp massages.She tells them stories from her village (ok...disclaimer number have to have a few screws loose to do this without feeling foolish  I obviously qualify).  After bath time the boys get to finish their soak.

I will then go to draw the girls bath and fill their tub with flowers and girlie smells.  The girls are summoned to the spa to begin their pampering.  Usually they go one at a time.  Helga once again offers her scalp and hand massages.  The girls get to soak while I gather up the boys (disclaimer 3... I have 2 small boys and although I am crazy enough to create Helga, I am not insane enough not to check on boys every few minutes).

When the boys are done soaking they are treated to a Helga deep tissue massage. They get dressed and then enjoy the massage of a lifetime.  Helga usually sings German folk songs (ie crazy songs with made up words).  Upon completion of massages they get manicures and hairstyles.  The fun doesn't end there.We end the evening with snuggles on the couch and hot chocolate.

This evening activity usually takes us an hour.  I love to do this when I am so achingly tired I can't stand it.  Spa nights add a tranquil Zen like feel to our house that I wish I could replicate daily.  But, do you want to know what I love the most?  Taking care of my children in the most basic loving way.  I always think back on my favorite bible story where Jesus washes his disciples feet.  It is a picture of sacrificial love that I hope my children will remember to replicate.  It is this love that I hope they learn to scatter like dandelion seeds wherever they go.

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