Monday, October 8, 2012

Thinking of Another...

Tonight I am going to write a little different blog. Tonight is going to be about another child and another mom.  They are one of the main reasons I started my blog and they don't even know it

I began reading their Facebook updates about month ago.  A good friend who I look up to kept posting likes on their status.  So, one day I creeped.  For those unfamiliar, creeping is like stalking without the criminal aspect.   Less dark, same concept.  While creeping, I found that my own issues that were bugging me just disappeared

I started to feel a bit sick in the stomach and in the heart. Not far from where I lived a mother, like me, was walking a path I never want to see. Her son is living with cancer.  I could see and feel her pain in a way I never have before.  In those few moments of "creeping" I vowed to live every moment as a mother being aware and present in my children's life.  In those moments I felt a real fear that tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone, not even my children.  I knew that God has given me them for only a short time to mold into amazing people. They will not be mine for long and if they were to leave me today I would feel unfulfilled in my mission.

This inspired me to do something daily to make sure we have meaningful and memorable connections.  I decided to share those connections to hopefully inspire others to connect in the same way with their children.  In a weird way I feel that if I can be the voice maybe I could start the change I wish to see in the world.

Today I read that lil Lane is not well.His time is near and I am heartbroken for his mom.  He has a brother and a father but as a mom, that pain just feels too much to bear. Tonight I am praying for that mother who will soon lose a son.  I pray that she feels as peaceful as she can as she embarks upon the impossible ending of this journey.  I pray that she knows that so many people are praying with her and for her.  I also pray that she may be aware that by her example as a mom, she has made this mom a better one.  Her son has taught me in a short time that life is precious and our children are not given to us indefinitely.  They are just ours as long as God is willing to share.  He has taught me to be more appreciative in my role as a mother.  In doing so, they have given me the boost needed to start this blog which is making people happy and hopefully sharing some good ideas to promote family fun  If this is the change they have created in me, can you imagine what other changes are happening?

This boy is changing peoples lives even as he nears the end of his. If I can make half the impact this mother and child have made, I will go down as one of the greats...and I will always be grateful for the lessons they humbly allowed me to learn.Please join me in saying a prayer for Lane and his family.  I have attached the link..  Please take a moment to give a thumbs up or even a message of love.  As a mother, I know it would make me more peaceful to know my son is impacting so many people on such powerful levels.

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