Thursday, October 11, 2012

Leaf Hunting

We have always been avid treasure hunters and have always enjoyed the great outdoors.  When Keegan joined our family it was clear that this kid loves to hunt for things.  Not a day goes by where i empty my pockets without finding an acorn, paperclip or small toy that Keegan has given me for safe keeping.  This entry is one of those great hunts that resulted in amazing treasures.

Today I knew we needed to get outside.  Do you know how I knew this?  The boys were rolling on the floor like 2 puppy dogs fighting over a chew toy and kiley had perked up enough to do the awesome whining and groaning of a sick child.  The outdoors were calling and I was the first in line!

We headed to our park where the kids played for a bit.  Soon the play turned back into squabbling so we took off on our adventure.  We walked into the "enchanted forest" on the hunt for trolls and skipping rocks.  Sure enough we found the perfect rocks and the skipping fun began.  After a wayward rock found dylans forehead we decided to go hunt for the perfect leaves.

Now, again the almighty payoff...finding the perfect leaf meant looking for one with the perfect color and no holes.  This is only something a real explorer can find.  It takes great concentration and quiet voices.  Translation...quiet and calm teamwork.  1 point for the mom with bags under her eyes!

Off we went, looking under every tree and gathering up our fall treasures.  As we hunted it was the perfect time to talk about our favorite colors and favorite memories.  The conversation was such an added blessing. When we completed our hunt we had approximately 100 leaves and 3 tired, calm and loving children.  Which, by the way, paid off in a long nap for the whole house.  2 points for the mom with dried puke on her clothes!

At the conclusion of naptime we all made the most amazing leaf people.  The kids worked on these for an hour.  They worked cooperatively and shared a glue bottle.  This alone was a miracle of Jesus!  They were very proud of their creations and very content with our day.

Since Keegan has joined our family every day has become a wonderful family adventure.  It is an adventure that is never ending.  Every day we grow closer and this incredible bonding is allowing us to meld into a strong, united family.  These days of treasure hunting reminds me, once again, that God brought us Keegan to grow more in faith, love and family.

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