Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pumpkin Bowl A Rama

What a lovely fall day.  The perfect day to...bowl!  Of course, sometimes I am too cheap and tired to lug my hooligans to the bowling alley.  What's a mom to do?  Bring the bowling alley to her house.

The challenge with creativity is to open your eyes to your resources around you.  By doing this you not only get rid of worthless items but you also keep your children busy.  I try really hard to make use of things around my home.  For this activity I rescued 4 3 liters from the recycling bin.  I filled these up halfway with water to provide weight.  We added small creepy Halloween creatures inside the bottles.  It helped immensely that they were green plastic, somehow they appeared more eerie.

I found a stash of foam Halloween stickers from the dollar tree.  Each child got a liter and began to decorate.  From an early learning point of view, the development of fine motor skills were amazing!  The kids also worked together and helped each other.  They each put their own individuality into their creations.  The boys were fascinated by the Halloween objects that we placed inside. 

Once we cleaned up we wanted for our pumpkin.  Daddy was bringing one home to use as a bowling ball.  Unfortunately, his store had run out (people...the pumpkins were $1.99!).  This is what I love about these fun family plans.  Sometimes they don't work out.  Sometimes we turn the project into something else.  Today we sucked it up and found 2 balls.  They worked perfectly well and the
best part is that we can do it again tomorrow...with a pumpkin.

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