Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Am Officially a Grown Up!

Growing up I always babysat for couples that went to a Christmas party.  I always thought they were so fancy and fantastical.  The parents would leave looking amazing and so excited.  The kids always were in the cutest pajamas and always had pizza.  It was weird how different those nights felt.

When the parents got home, the mom would usually ask only a few questions and the dad would bumble around with the money.  I knew that they had such a good time they were literally exhausted from so much fun (or too much eggnog).  I would walk home through the snow and just dream of the day I would have a Christmas party to attend.

13 years into my marriage and I have still not attended the elusive Christmas party.  But, this is my year!  The year I become an adult who will get dressed up fancy and set off on a fantastical journey.  I am so excited to find out what all this is about.   Mostly though I am excited to go with my husband (who incidentally tried to invite Shawnie and, no).

My hubby works 92,000 hours per week and in the extra time he has he is the best dad ever.  Right now, I kind of fall to the back burner.  Listen, this isn't a sob story, it just has to be the reality.   I know one day it will just be him and me.  But, until then I live for these moments where, for a second, we get back to primping, dating and just us.

Life is whizzing by at crazy speeds and you can really lose how much your marriage means.  Its easy to focus on the countless ways your life needs to improve.  Or on the negatives that stalk your life.  But, tonight I am going to leave all of that behind.  Tonight I am excited to be an adult. I am excited to get picked up by my hot date and focus on some positives.  Get pretty and dressed up without kid crud.  Maybe even get a little lucky ;)  My kids will be bathed, in fancy pajamas and I will order a pizza (for old times sake).

When we come home at the end of the night the magic of a Christmas party will carry with us just like it did all those years ago.  Except this time, I will be part of the lucky couple and not just a wistful observer. 

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  1. Kate!
    I hope you had so much fun at your grown up party! nothin' like getting dressed up and fancy huh? Our work party was on Friday. I had four vodka/cranberries (I do not drink liquor) and then came home and had two more. The just tasted so darn good. I woke up yesterday more hung over then I have ever been in my whole life. That's my story for you today. Anyway, hope the faancy was all you dreamed of. Post pictures.
    And I love your elf on the shelf.
    That is all.