Monday, December 24, 2012

Precious Fleeting Moments

Ok...I am a bit melancholy today.  Every year at Christmas we fly through the crazy prep and miss those simple little moments of grace.  I am sitting here with my children watching a movie and finding myself reflective on some of those moments.

I am so thankful that God have me a gift of enjoying to write.  I can look back on this year and some of the memories we made and smile.  One day we will be all alone and no matter how much sweet sugar bear, it truly can't compare to the immense, natural unconditional love, acceptance and grace I feel with my children cuddled around me.  Such short, fleeting moments that are flying by much faster than I would like.

Some people in my life worry about how much I jam into our days but, what they can't understand is that I am working tirelessly to soak up every moment.  I need to do this more joyfully and be present in the moment instead of monsterously forging ahead with a magical "Martha Stewart" plan.  I will work on that.  I will work on living each moment of the process instead of rushing madly through the prep. 

In the meantime, I am enjoying this parenting thing.  We made these incredible applesauce ornaments and my kids looked at me like their hero.  Emma participated for what may be the last time before the world of cell phones, boyfriends and la de freaking da, steals her From me for good. We visited Santa and I reflected on keegans first Christmas with us and kileys (most likely) last year to believe.  This is probably Shawns last year of being in that special photo...crying real tears.  Dylan found our elf this morning and I realized this is one of the last years of those magical Christmas miracles where magic exists and elves are real.

So, I thank you for reading my rants this year.  All of you who have shared with me your thoughts or happiness at these stories have encouraged me to keep writing. This has brought great passion to my life this year.  This has encouraged me to be a more present mother.  It has and will continue to enable me to keep a timeline of these precious moments that will keep me company as a wistful, melancholy old coot.  Keep reading and I can't wait for the adventures of 2013 to begin.

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