Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Official Kick Off to Christmas...

Every year we have a very special family tradition.  Ever since I was blessed enough to find Tots Landing as my place of employment, our children have participated in the Christmas Program.

The Christmas program is literally the start to so many things.  It signifies the start of a 2 week vacation for me to focus on only being a mom...the most important vocation of all.  It showcases our little beauties and how much they have grown from the year before.  It is a time where we gather together in the spirit of Christmas to celebrate what matters most, our kids.

Dylan is performing in a Hawaiian Christmas.  Dylan has been practicing non stop.  He literally yells every word of his songs.  He is so proud to show off tonight.  I will be thinking back to last year when he was so excited to sing with Ms. Audrey and her guitar at the end of the program.  I will be remembering her as I watch Dylan sing.  Somewhere I know she will be watching us tonight.

Keegan will be a Lil rapper.  His class will be rapping 2 songs.  I will remember tonight last years program, when I felt so sad as I watched him on stage.  He was quiet and scared as he looked out into the crowd.  At this time I was struggling with the fact that Keegan would not be a part of our family.  I was so sad because I still felt like he needed to be.  I can't explain it...I just knew.  Tonight will be a full circle moment watching my son.  Scared or not I will be so immensely proud.

My mind will also wander to the many memories of programs past.  Holding Kiley as a little angel...a proud mama amongst angels.  Or, when she sang in her overalls and looked so adorable.  I will think of AJ and sugar sugar (Emma) dancing the hula and singing Jimmy buffet.  Forever frozen in a moment of beautiful arranged marriage.  My Shawnie boy who was the King of my nativity.  Dressed in a velvet robe, bringing gifts to the Baby Jesus will be one etched deep in my mind.

So many precious memories that I don't need pictures to remember.  They will be ever present with every Christmas carol I ever hear.  They will be stored in my heart and always brought to the surface at this magical time of year. 

I have 2 more Christmases to enjoy this special tradition and then no more.  Tonight I will be thankful for my job, my owners and my Co workers for creating this unbelievable event that officially kicks off our holiday season.

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  1. Kate- this is awesome. Don't you love things that signify a year, so you can look back at so many cool things?!? So fantastic.
    And you get two weeks off? for real? I didn't think that was your reality!