Friday, December 7, 2012

I Think I Am A Freak....

Weird title, right?  Not when it's true.  Let me tell you, it's true.  I am not a freak like a psycho freak.  Or, a creepy freak.  Or a sicko freak.  I am just a family freak.  Let me explain...

You all know I am the mother to five beautiful children.  You also know that I have been so lucky in love with a husband who endures and adores me.  Most of you know that I have an extended family that is gigantic.  I mean really gigantic.  2 parents who are my heroes, 17 nieces and nephews, 5 siblings, 3 awesome outlaws ...this is just my immediate family.

I also have an amazing relationship with my in laws whom I love with all my heart.  I fell in love with Shawn mostly due to my obsession with his mom.  True story...  They have given me 25 more aunts,and uncles and let's just face it...too many cousins,to count.

Then I have 11 aunts and uncles who have guided me, loved me and prayed for me throughout my life.  They have given me 31 cousins that I have laughed with and loved.  

I am a freak because, truly, if I could pack them all up and set up a commune without a shadow of a doubt I would.  I would lock them all in and we would create a new country.  They might not love it but I would be in seventh heaven.  We would create our own currency (with my face on it), be completely self sustaining and would have arranged marriages (my family would marry Shawns family).  We would never have to leave and we would create our own national anthem.  It would be magically delicious.

You may think I am kidding.  Aww, isn't she cute with her little sweet musings.  Wrong, people, wrong.  I have the plans drawn up.  I have doled out the careers and the layout of the neighborhoods.  I haven't shared my plan....yet (I may do it after the sedation has worn off).  It sounds weird and slightly crazy but, if you knew my family you would get it.  You would.  You really would.

As christmas time draws near and i get to spend every waking minute with the people i love most....i cant help but wonder if this is the year it will happen.  And, this dear friends, is why I am a bonafide freak.  And, I don't care.

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