Monday, December 10, 2012

Zingers Away...

When I was little my dad was the king with making fun of the "self esteem" gurus of the early nineties.  Stuart Smalley was a staple in our house.  We would all mimic the "I am good enough, I am smart enough and doggone it people like me".

I can remember one time, he came home from a team building workshop which translated into Naptime for my dad.  He was hysterically laughing about a circle he had to stand in where his Co workers had to repeat, "zingers away" while doing spirit fingers.  This was supposed to head off the negative nancies and fill that cup halfway up.  We adopted this as a family slogan and still will repeat this to each.other. Of course, we are making fun of the crystal wearing hippies....or are we?

With the holiday shenanigans upon us I am watching in utter disbelief as people are turning on each other.  A nasty old lady cursing out a young group of kids at the mall.  A young punk flicking off a lady in a van.  Co workers jabbing each other.  Family members at each.others throats. Unhappy, mean people everywhere.

The epidemic has reached our workplaces.  People are just focusing on getting that paycheck and heading home to check their Facebook (sadly, me included).  They rush through their job forgetting the importance of their work.  They are short tempered and apathetic with each other.  The holiday happiness we should be sharing with our teammates is disappearing into weird ritualistic obligations or expectations that are depleted of any genuine joy.  They are simply tasks to check off on a long list of things to complete by Christmas.

The negativity has encroached the sacredness of our homes where kindness and love has been replaced with shortness and indifference.  Couples are so busy making others dreams come true they lose focus on their families.  They forget to build each other up.  They work too hard never slowing down to praise their mate and show gratitude.   Their kiddos have got the gimmes and are so hyped up on the commercial benefits of Christmas forgetting the most basic fundamentals of the word...Christ.

Don't get me wrong....bring it on!  I love my elf, my Christmas program, secret Santa and cookie decorating.  The fact is these are awesome if Christ is at the center.  Have that elf at the nativity set kneeling by baby Jesus, say a blessing with your kids before they perform, a Lil prayer for that grumpy Co worker who is the new owner of a pair of Christmas socks and make a batch for a lonely neighbor. 

This week as I embark on the millions of activities, responsibilities and expectations I am going to work extra hard to focus on the true reason of the season.  I am going to conciously pray and keep my thoughts and words kind, uplifting and inspiring.  I will hope people around me will too.  If not i will yell with a haughty, bellowing laugh, "zingers away you negative nancies,  I am good enough, smart enough and dog gone it people like me!!!!"  That'll show you!

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