Saturday, December 1, 2012

McClelland the Elf

Today we received a very important gift.  We received Keegans Elf on the Shelf.  This little elf was with Keegan last year and this year he comes to join our family.  I am looking forward to beginning this new family tradition!

I am lucky to have a courageous, creative and funny husband who is sure to make McClelland a very mischievous addition to our family.  I am going to look forward to logging his adventures in my blog to share with all of you.

And so it begins...

Once upon a time there was a little elf who fell in love with a little boy named Keegan.  He spent an amazing Christmas with Keegan and was very sad to see this end but, alas Santa called him home.  Off he went, knowing that next year he would see his friend again.

When he came out to play the following year some things had changed and McClelland the elf was very worried that he wouldn't see his little friend again.  So he his in the China cabinet, worried that his Christmas wouldn't be the same.  But, later that day a knock came at the door.  In ran Keegan!  He was back to play.  Keegan was not alone.  He had some new friends with him.  One was a very loud little boy full of laughs and smiles.  His name was Dylan. 

"I will like him," thought McClelland.  He looked around and spotted a beautiful, salty little girl.  He noticed right away that she was creative and had a great imagination. 

"oh, the fun well have", McClelland smiled.  He then noticed a girl helping Keegan and encouraging him.  He noticed her happy spirit and kind eyes.

"I think she will be a great helper for the little ones as we begin our Christmas tradition," McClelland sighed in happy contentment.  Finally he spotted the oldest.  He had just led the group of children in a game of follow the leader.  He led them confidently but stood back to let them shine.

"he will be the great and powerful leader that will encourage the rest of the group to not give up," McClelland thought to himself.  "This may not be such a bad year after all".

That night after the children all went home to their new house McClelland packed up his belongings and headed to the north pole to report to Santa about his new friends.  He asked Santa to allow him to go with Keegan to the new house and begin his journey with he Reynolds.  Santa gave his blessing and with a hearty ho,ho,ho McClelland heading to tobasaw CT.  He jumped into keegans stocking cuddled up to record the events for Santa.  He went to bed with a smile on his face and happiness in his heart.

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